Get a Free Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone

Do you know Wingsland S6? Have you ever herd Wingsland S6 drone? I guess you may not, because Wingsland S6 is a new produce on 2016. Wingsland S6 is a Unique Slim 4K intelligent handheld drone, it is 26.8mm thick only. Wingsland S6 is 230g weight, it can be close with you. With its 4k camera and many features you will be able to take the best photos and videos from all different heights and angels. And you can put the Wingsland S6 into your pocket, so it has another name is pocket drone. Do you want to get a Free Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie  Drone ? I advise know more about the Wingsland S6 and at last I will tell you how to get a free Wingsland S6 drone.

( Wingsland S6 video: )

Wingsland S6 drone

Next let me introduce the features of Wingsland S6 drone.


One touch to control take-off or landing, green-hands users will be able to learn how to fly quickly.

When aircraft flies far away, you can use one-key return to home function, aircraft will automatically return to the place it took off and landing. S6 also supports dynamic intelligent return to home function, you can choose aircraft to return to take off place or to the new place where the user is.


S6 is able to record the aircraft direction when it takes off, when you start course lock mode, no matter where is the physical direction of the aircraft nose, users can control aircraft according to the aircraft direction when it takes off.


Outdoor hovering

Built-in GPS and GLONASS dual satellite navigation guarantees precise positioning hover.

Indoor hovering

Infrared and optical flow sensor systems for positioning when GPS signal is not sufficient.


Auto follow me

In this mode, aircraft will be like a spirit by your side and shoot automatically. Users can improve auto follow me aerial safety by expanding all modes.


Self-defined flight path

Users can operate aircraft by dragging and self-define aircraft flying actions, it will be more intelligent and interesting.


Versatile APP

S6 Wingsland Fly APP has functions like: image transmission & flying data display, aircraft & camera setting and control, flying emulator and video edit and so on. Wingsland Fly APP provides quite detailed operation tips and function introductions for users.


There are some parameters of Wingsland S6:

Brand Wingsland

Height(±2mm) 26.8

Length(±5mm) 138

Width(±2mm) 79

Net Weight(±20g) 0.23

Motors Brushless Motor

Propellers 4 x Spare Propeller

Battery 7.6V 1400mAh 10.64Wh ( 2S LiPo )

Max Flying Speed 8m/s

Flight Modes Beginner Mode, Standard Mode, Home Lock Mode, Course Lock Mode

Lens FOV 117°, f/2.2, focus at ∞

Sensor 1/3.06 inch (CMOS), Effective Pixels:13M

Live View Quality 480p, 720p

Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4GHz

What do you think of the Wingsland S6 drone? Don’t you think it is very beautiful and easy to use? Do you want get one for free? There is a good news for you:

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