DJI Multirotor-spreading wings S800

I think most drone/UAV hobby players are very familiar with DJI, like DJI Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 pro and DJI Mavic pro; because these DJI products are all very famous on the world, and DJI has became the largest UAV company, they have many other products you have not know. We have knew these DJI Phantom and Mavic are all quadcopter, DJI has many Multirotors, like DJI spreading wings S800.

About DJI spreading wings S800, I just know it not long ago. The same to you, I only know Phantom and Mavic in the past, I got the information of DJI spreading wings S800 from, in my opinion, I think DJI produce quadcopters, Yuneec produce Multirotors, now I found I’m wrong, so I have a deep to know DJI spreading wings S800 and tell you what I have knew.

DJI spreading wings S800 is a Professional Hexa-Rotor Platform, it is still used to shooting, but S800 with 10000mAh 6S lipo(Tattu 10000mAh 6S lipo is design for DJI S800) can Load Weight about 2.5KG, 10000mAh lipo can provide enough power to power S800 take 2.5Kg things, the Phantom 4 pro with only 5000mAh battery can’t do it. And on another way, S800 is very Stable.

Professional Hexa-Rotor Platform


A built-in damping system allows the S800 EVO to be assembled without additional frames and dampers. The system helps minimize size, reduce weight and simplify assembly.

Circuit-Integrated Center Frame


All circuits from your powersupply to the electronic components are integrated into the center frame, which simplifies the wiring, reducing the possibility of malfunction and increasing the ease of maintenance.

Integrated Frame Arm Design


A power and signal wires for the motors, ESCs and LED indicator are integrated into the frame arms, resulting in a simple, neat appearance The overall design is safe, reliable and stable, which has been proven by our extensive testing.

Integrated ESCs


All Electronic Speed controller (ESC) components are installed beneath the motors, solving the problem of heat dissipation. LED indicators are included to help you easily identify the nose and tail of the S800.

High Performance Brushless Motors


High performance brushless motors reduce noise and vibration, enabling smooth control while, improve the stability and performance of aircraft, and simplify maintenance, extending its lifetime.

Efficient Carbon Fiber Propellers


Tested for perfect balance, the S800’s propellers have an exquisite appearance, light weight, high efficiency, and high strength.

Clear Installation Labels


Clear labels for connection are shown on the center frame and arms. The connection sequence is also indicated to help avoid incorrect installation.

Quick Installation Of Landing Skid


Simple assembly and disassembly of the S800 landing skid, makes it convenient to carry and transport. When installed, it can support heavy weights.

Perfect WooKong-M Compatibility


A WooKong-M IMU installation position has been reserved on the center frame. In addition, labels on the center frame helps users install the flight control system correctly and quickly.

DJI spreading wings S800 is a very good UAV, it can give you longer shooting time, and you can also use this UAV to take some 2.5KG weight things, I think it will be very funny. I haven’t use DJI spreading wings S800, I only know it form some videos or news, if you have a DJI spreading wings S800, I hope you can share some experience about DJI spreading wings S800, Thanks.

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