Get a good Lipo battery before Start a Drone Racing

If you want to start a drone racing, you need to prepare too many things, the first step you must prepare to a good racing drone,  what’s the best drone? how to choose a drone for yourself? You can go and visit this blog:; there are many tips and advice for rc drone and FPV, you can get much useful infomation this blog.(Recommend drone pilots read this article What do you need to get before Start a Drone Racing)

Ok next you need to prepare the following things:

  • A Controller, 
  • Video Goggles,
  • Video Receiver And Antennas,
  • Lots Of Lipo Batteries,
  • A Good Charger

I don’t want to introduce more about Controller, Video Goggles, Video Receiver And Antennas and Charger, you can get more info from that’s blog, I will introduce more about Lipo batteries.

Lipo batteries

Even if you buy a pre-built drone like the Vortex 250 Pro or Vendetta, racing drones like these don’t come with batteries. I won’t go into all the specifics on how to pick a good LIPO Battery in this article, but just know that the most common battery for a racing drone is 14.8v 1300mah 60C. A battery with specifications like this will give you the best power-to-weight ratio for the drones we recommend and the higher C rating means that it will handle higher currents and last longer than a battery with a lower C rating. I recommend Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75CLipo battery and Tattu Rline 1300mAh 4S 75C Lipo battery.

Get at least two or three batteries to start with, since flight time on a racing drone is very limited and you’ll need as much practice as you can get. You can buy even more batteries in the future, but if you have more than just two or three, you’ll need to look into Parallel charging so you don’t spend 10 hours trying to charge all of them. One thing you should buy (no matter what battery you get) is a voltage checker. LIPO batteries do not like being over discharged and can even break if discharged too much. It doesn’t really matter what kind of LIPO checker you get, but the Gens Ace & Tattu LIPO to USB voltage checker is nice because it can also turn your battery into a Phone charger!

If you want to buy a good Lipo battery, I recommend you can choose Gens Ace & Tattu:

USA Online shop:

Europe Online shop:


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