Xiaomi mi drone 4K Review

In March, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi mi drone 4k version, there’s a HD camera on it. Xiaomi official said that Xiaomi Mi drone 4K is an Easy to learn, high resolution videos, safe and convenient 4K camera WIFI FPV quadcopter. But what’s the trues? I just fly it just several days ago, and I will introduce what about this 4K drone.

1.Easy to Fly

I just got a drone, and then got it all working together, turn on it at twice times when the light of two switches both come white, that means you can fly. With a beginner mode, it`s more easy to fly this drone. And you can control all of directions or circle around something just by rocker.


You can just fly the drone with it’s automatic take-off +landing function, and also you can control it manually.

2. Set route

You can just set a pinned point on the map, and then the drone will fly following the routes you set. And also it can circle around the point.


3. Easy to pack

The foldable design allows you to pack the drone into laptop backpack, and carry it around easily. Only weighted in 450g with battery installed, it offers you the mobility in any scenario.


4.High resolution 4k camera

The 4k version can satisfy you better in image or video taking much more than 1080p version. This is a great camera drone, which flies excellent and shoots excellent videos. Images and videos will be saved in the memory card in the drone, you can also download the files straight away with your phone.



5. High price–performance ratio

The price of xiaomi is about 460$ in genstattu.com. Comparing to other brand of drones, the price of xiaomi 4k drone is very affordable. Following is the comparison chart:


As you can see, 4K drones in other brands are selling for at least $589, which makes Xiaomi a very reasonable price drone among the competitors.

6. Xiaomi drone 4K Specs

Flight time: 27min

Height limit: 120m

Diagonal axis distance: 434mm

Control distance: 2000m

Output: 16 V- – – 2.9 A

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5A

Output power: 46.4 W

Charging voltage limit: 17.4V

Voltage: 15.2V

Capacity: 5100 mAh / 77.52 Wh

Weight: Approximately 450g


7. Some tips about Xiaomi drone

(1) You need to fly it in an open area and with a good gps signal.

(2) When you start flying your drone, make sure that the back of your drone is face to you, not the forward. In this way, you are easy to figure out the direction of it.

(3) When the drone is too far away or in a place that lost connection with your remote, the drone may switch to self control mode, which is very dangerous as it may drift everywhere till crashed. Therefore huge empty space is always recommended for your drone flying.

(4) When you at a zone with less GPS signals, you need to let antenna of remote control to face the drone.

(5) In case of emergency, press power and take off key at the same time, the drone will stop immediately and fall down in crashed.

That`s all my opinions about 4k drone, and if you are into this drone, you buy Xiaomi drone on GensTattu.

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