When will drones have longer battery life and longer flight time?

I often heard some pilots ask me how to get longer flight time for drones, When can we expect them to have flight times upwards of one hour? Is that something in the near future or a ways away? when will drones have longer battery life, Why are drone and quadcopter flight times so short? About these questions, I will list some answers to you.


How to get longer flight time for drones?

Flight time isn’t all about battery, but also about weight and motor performance. Low-power motors and high capacity drone battery(you should choose high capacity with light weight capacity Lipo battery).

Batteries : The common battery technologies used in drones (LiPo, LiFePo) should not evolve much more than a 10% increase in energy density in the next years. Flight time should be improved in the future when new battery technologies will become more broadly available (i.e. less expensive and mass produced) and safe enough to fly. But now you can choose an high quality drone battery which has high capacity, light weight and small size.

Battery recommend: Tattu drone batteries;

Motor performance could be improved in the next few years but that improvement will not be very significant (probably less than 10% flight time increase). Choose a high performance with low-power is our standard.

Motor recommend: T-motor motors;

Weight : A lot can be done to reduce weight on drones, using different materials (complex composite materials or metal alloys). It can allow some weight reduction (but that weight reduction is highly dependant on the precise UAS type) and a subsequent flight time increase. But this will come at a huge price increase.

For example: Lumenier QAV250 Carbon Fiber Edition.

New ways of storing energy more efficiently can be applied to drones : fuel cells are currently being experimented by a lot of companies and that technology does represent a huge potential. However, fuel-cells do not deliver a lot of current right now, which limits their use to very lightweight drones.

How do drones have longer battery life?


I think the questioner want to ask the flight time or not battery life, but the flight time I have explain, now let’s talking about the battery life. Most people will have a problem like this: Your drone’s flight time get shorter and shorter. Why? The reason is your battery’s life get shorter, your battery’s capacity get small. About drone lipo battery, you should know this basic Lipo battery knowledge to know how to maintain your Lipo battery.

When will drones have longer battery life


I don’t think you will wait a long time, in the past 10 years, our world has changed very fast; now most drones are use Lipo batteries, DJI Phantom and Xiaomi mi drone 4K can fly about half an hour, so I think drones fly time upwards of one hour is not far. And most battery manufacturers are developing it. Tattu drone battery has try their best to do it, now they has produced 30000mAh Lipo battery(as we know high capacity means long flight time), I think better lipo battery will produce in future.

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