Armattan Japalura 4 FPV Quad Build Part List

When I decided to build a Armattan Japalura 4 FPV quad, I should consider how  to choose the materials and how much should I cost? First we should know more about Armattan Japalura 4 FPV quad.


There is a sample description about Armattan Japalura 4 FPV quad form Armattan official website:

Armattan Japalura is the fanciest micro frame around, and the second design in Armattan’s selection that features aluminum protection. Inspired by many of the same principals as the Chameleon, the Japalura is a lighter, more compact package that still supports many of today’s FPV standards. This “4 inch” frame can handle full-sized miniquad guts, houses your standard HS1177 camera, and shields everything but the battery with two 4mm thick 6061 aluminum ribs.


There are some Japalura Specs from Armattan official site

  • Frame Weight: 56g
  • Motor to Motor: 174mm
  • Frame Shape: Freestyle Bus
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm
  • Other CF Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Aluminum Parts: Aircraft Grade 6061
  • Motor Mount Pattern: 13xx
  • Center Stack Mount Pattern: 30.5mm or 20m
  • Max Center Stack Height: 28mm
  • Warrantied Parts: Top-to-bottom (all)

Recommended Components

  • Motor Sizes: 1407/3500-4000kv
  • ESCs: 12-20a
  • Prop Size: 4″
  • LiPo: 3S-4S/650-850mah

After reading this information, I decide to use this part list to build my Armattan Japalura 4 FPV Quad.

These are my drone’s part list;

From this list, you can see I choose 1300mAh 4S battery and 850mAh  4S Lipo battery, and you can choose other capacitydrone lipo batteries, according you need to make a right choice.




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