Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017-Drone Racing Competition

GSMA has hosted its inaugural drone race tournament this year at MWC Shanghai. There are  top pilots coming in from all over the world that will showcase their skills in flying the latest drone FPV (first person view) technology through their specially designed course.

Pilots Introduction:

Luke Bannister,

winner of the 2016 World Drone Prix, and second runner-up,


Maciej Poschwald,

will take on the best pilots in China and the winner of the Shanghai Flying Cup of Drone Racing in 2016.






Group Photo:

(From left to right: YC,Gary, Mac, Luke, Malte, Danny, Noa)


Pilots will compete daily in a knockout tournament and the competition will culminate with a ceremony for the top three pilots on Saturday, 1 July. The winning pilot and the runner-up will receive a cash prize, while audience members will be eligible to receive daily prize draws, with total value of RMB80,000.

Drone Racing Competition Schedule


The competition’s result in 30, June



Tattu FPV battery,

Tattu 1300mAh 4S Battery.

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