DRL Racerx is the Fastest Drone

On July 13th, 2017: DRL joined The Guinness book of World Records to fly the custom DRL Racer X. In order to set the achievement, RacerX needed to fly back and forth across a measurement course of 100 m (328 ft.), with the official record set as the average of the top speed achieved on each of those flights. After months of trial and error, hundreds of broken motors and fiery crashes, DRL’s RacerX succeeds in world record attempt. They got the fastest speed: 179.3mph.

How does the DRL Racerx fly so fast speed? There is a list about the DRL Racerx’s build log:

With T-motor motors and Tattu R-line FPV  Lipo battery, DRL Racerx flight the fastest speed.


And there is a FPV  pilot from Slovenia, he flight Stinger x210 Racing Quad in a very fast speed, his quad’s  fast speed is 179.06km/h (±4.63km/h), but his is not join the  Guinness book of World Records.

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