Fly my Speed Plane with Tattu Battery

My name is Myke Flesher, I am a speed plane pilot, and today I will show my two speed plane equip with Tattu R-line battery flight speed. And first I must thanks Tattu battery, I got two free Tattu batteries from Tattu Battery’s Giveaway; these batteries are Tattu R-line 4S 95C Lipo battery, it’s a high C rate 4s lipo battery,  they are also designed for FPV qaudcopter, but I equip them on my plane.

And first I will introduce my two speed plane: one is blue and the other is orange. I’m running a 100amp Gruapner esc with Venom 3300KV inrunner helicopter motor with a 6×6 apc prop.

Fly my RC Plane with Tattu R-line Lipo battery

I have a buddy with a radar gun and he clocked its speed at 153.6 mph….. My other brand 4s battery packs only got it too 126.2 mph…. These Tattu 95C R line packs are amazing!!!

Fly my RC Plane with Tattu R-line Lipo battery

Here is my other speed plane that we used the R line packs in and was able to get 139.9 mph…..  Thanks again for the packs. …they are amazing… I will be buying lots more of them.

After flight these Tattu batteries, I recommend my friends  to choose these, I have not used Tattu but now I begin love it.

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