How to use Gens Ace Charging Safeguard charging protector?

Gens Ace Charging Safeguard is designed for 2S-6S (nominal voltage 3.7V/cell) Lithium Polymer battery pack. This post will tell you how to use Gens Ace Charging Safeguard .


Connect the main lead and balance connector of the BATTERY to the output of Safeguard. If the Green LED is active, then connect the main lead and balance connector of the CHARGER to the input of the Safeguard. Make sure the connections and indicator LED are correct then begin charging the battery. If there are any abnormalities please stop charging immediately. To resume charging, please troubleshoot all problems and restart the charging procedure.


You’d better be attention to these when you are using Gens Ace Charging Safeguard.

  • DO NOT reverse connector polarity.
  • DO NOT short any connectors together.
  • DO NOT leave this product unattended while charging. Stop using the Safeguard if you find anything abnormal.
  • DO NOT charge any battery that is not in the correct voltage range.
  • USE with Lithium polymer batteries ONLY. DO NOT use any other battery chemistry with Charging Safeguard.
  • Keep Charging Safeguard away from dust, humidity, rain and heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight and strong vibrations.

Gens Ace Charging Safeguard is a very good lipo battery charging protector, it is very useful for our lipo battery, extend our lipo batteries’ life, we will save much money. It is very worth to buy.

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