Why does quadcopter use lipo battery?

Lipo, the full name is lithium polymer, today they are used in many places like in mobile phones, powerbanks and quadcopters. But why are quadcopters using lipo battery? Before answer this question, we should know What does quadcopter need and what’s the lipo battery?

About quadcopter:

Quadcopter is a RC drone, and get more and more popular; quadcopter as a drone are also used in aerial photography and FPV Racing, so most aerial photography pilots hope their quadcopters can fly longer and FPV racers hope their quadcopter can fly fast. But a few years ago, all that was available to Radio Control enthusiasts were gasoline powered helicopters is the availability of LiPo batteries. Quadcopter is an incredibly inefficient device. If you want to fly longer, you need a larger battery, so you will find it is very funny: the heavier a quadcopter is, the more powerful its motors need to be. The more powerful the motors, the bigger batteries you need, the bigger batteries, the heavier – it goes in a circle, getting worse, each time around. the formula just doesn’t work unless you have a battery technology that is light enough.

About Lipo battery:


There is a post about lipo battery basic

Prior to LiPo batteries, there was no practical battery technology that could allow you to close the loop on that equation. LiPo (and LiIon) batteries have a very high energy to weight ratio, and also (important) a very high discharge rate.

The technology is such an improvement over all previous technologies (in these parameters) that the entire paradigm has turned. Now the sky is the limit and designers can think outside the box. Things like, how big a motor to lift a man, how big a battery to run it – yup – it’s doable. Quadcopter so you can “”ride on”! It means for the same weight of the batteries of different types say Lipo and lion (lithim ion) Lipo can store more power over other’s

So as in quadcopter weight is the greatest factor as it affects flight time, maneuverability and many other so minimizing the weight is the greatest concern and here the Lipo battery helps in doing that making it a great choice.

Also you need a high discharge rate as quadcopter motor needs a high current during flying Lipo have amazing discharge rate.

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