Black Talon FPV Quad Indoor Flight Drone

Black Talon FPV Quad is a RC drone for indoor flight, it has a good comprehensive proerty, but its flight time is too short.The drone has gradually become a mainstream digital gadgets, not only take the aerial photography, surveying and other specialized work, even to the competitive direction. For ordinary people, the UAV can also be a great relaxation activities, especially the cheap, easy to use model.


Black Talon FPV Quad is a four-axis compact indoor drone, its price is about $ 139, it iVery suitable for use at home. In addition, it also equipped with a camera, to take pictures and video,Now let’s take a  look at their experiences below.


Black Talon FPV Quad has black body, overall is very small, propeller parts has bezel with security, can easily fly in complex family environments. It uses WIFI signals for remote control, frequency is 5.8GHz, it has tested their disturbance is very good, do not conflict with other wireless devices in the home, and the latency is very low.

Black Talon FPV Quad with a wireless controller that handles look like the Xbox One handle, also has a monitor LCD screen to monitor flight. In addition, if you don’t like the RS button on the handle, you can also replace the lever, it is very flexible.

About the battery, Black Talon FPV Quad equipment with a 520mAh lipo battery, it provides about 5-6 minutes flight times, it seemed not very good. Of course, users can buy some other more fast batteries to replace it, I recommend pilots can choose the Tattu fpv batteriesTattu 450mAh 11.1V 75C 3S1P Lipo Battery and Tattu 850mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo Battery is very useful to Black Talon FPV Quad, it can last more long, flies more long time .



Black Talon FPV Quad has three sensitivity settings, medium and high settings of the more suitable for outdoor use, after all, need to take into account wind speed cause yaw condition. When used indoors, Black Talon FPV Quad signal penetration is excellent, even flying into the basement in the single-family homes and almost no lag, LCD monitors are also very easy to use.


Due to wing has designs of crash, even hit the shelves, cabinets and also not so big problem, airborne and pressure sensor provides excellent flight stability, no one in the small indoor four-axis machine is still relatively rare. Of course, 5-6 minute range is its greatest weakness, maybe you just fly enough, need to replace the battery.

Black Talon FPV Quad is a comprehensive performance, value for money and it is very good in-room , flying and shooting are very satisfied, in addition to poor battery endurance.


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