Lipo Review: Tattu R-line 1300mAh 4s 95c

Disclosure: I received this battery as part of a product review collaboration with Gens Tattu. Although the batteries were offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the partner.

Although I requested only one R-line 95C 4s Li-Po, I received 3 pieces. Nice surprise, thanks again. Batteries were well packed in a huge box. Each battery comes with its own safety instructions and charging plug protector.

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo

Battery measures around 36 x 72 x 32 mm (W, L , H) and weights 163 grams. Due to thick discharge cable and aluminium envelope, the Tattu R-Line weights about 10 grams more than other 4s Li-Po batteries with same capacity. As you can see in the image bellow it has similar size and form factor with the Walkera F210’s stock battery (1300mAh 4S lipo).

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo

Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh battery technical specs

  • Higher capacity than comparable size packs;
  • Designed for professional drone FPV racing;
  • No memory effect;
  • Minimum of 1300 mAh storage capacity;
  • 4 cells of 3.7v. Total voltage of 14.8V;
  • Total power of 19.24 Wh;
  • Ultra high discharge rate of 123 A (95C);
  • Maximum burst discharge rate of 190C;
  • JST-XH charging plug;
  • XT60 discharge (drone) plug;
  • Net Weight: 172.6 grams (±20g);
  • Dimensions: 72 x 36 x 32 mm (L W H).

Charging wires are 22AWG, which according to Wikipedia can handle up to 7 Amps. Note: Tattu allows to charger their R-Line 4s 1300mAh battery with max 5C, 5 x 1.3 = 6.5 Amps.

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo

I received all the batteries about half charged (47%). I measured 15.34V on the XT60 plug. Cell 1 – 3.84V, Cell 2 – 3.84V, Cell 3 – 3.82V and Cell 4 – 3.84V. BTW, 3.8 V/cell is the voltage recommended for storing Li-Po batteries.

Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh review: Test

Being a responsible guy (and also afraid of explosions), before any test I read the instruction guide. I know that Li-Po batteries require special handling but it was shocking to read that I need to use a fireproof cement concrete bunker to store the battery : -S.

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo

After I discharged the Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh to about 10% I started to charge it with 0.7A using my SkyRC iMAX B6 Mini charger. The charging process stopped after about 2 hours, when battery level reached 16.81V (4.2V / cell). The Li-Po battery did not heat up at all and the stored capacity was of 1258 mAh.

Second day I went out with my Eachine Racer 250 Pro and  Walkera F210 racing drone in order to do some punch tests.

The Tattu R-Line 4s 1300mAh battery performed very well, punch-outs are even more impressive than with stock battery. I could say that also flight time was better, but this could be hardly determined because every flight is different. Full throttle drains the LiPo battery much faster than just hovering.

Trying few flips I had some crashes too. Battery remained intact and safe for further use.

Tattu R-line battery review 1300mAh 4s 95C lipo


As I didn’t have fancy gears to measure the exact spec of the battery, I can’t confirm that the R-Line truly delivers 95C but, in my opinion, if it has only 75C is still far enough for most of the racing drones.

I liked that the battery was carefully packed and it came with detailed safety instruction (En, DE and CH).

Because lately ordering Li-Po batteries from China became more and more difficult, is good to know that now you can order it directly from Gens Ace Europe or US warehouse.

Europe Shop Link:

US Shop Link:


  • Available to order directly from EU (Germany) and US warehouse;
  • 95C, ultra high discharge rate;
  • Well packed, with included plug protector;
  • Aluminium envelope for good heat dissipation and some crash protection.


  • Heavier than similar batteries.

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